Company Profile

EuroProtection Brokers S.A. is a licensed Multiline Insurance and Reinsurance Broker supervised by the Bank of Greece, launched in 1994 by its founder and current Managing Director, George Papayannopoulos, continuing a 90- year family history in the private insurance sector.
Having operated as a market leader for many years as a wholesale broker, we started in July 2017 strategic partnership with A rated Insurance & Reinsurance Companies and we have developed a range of niche products distributed exclusively by Europrotection Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers. EuroProtection has grown successfully in Greece by partnering with large intermediary firms, generating business through a network of over 1,300 insurance intermediaries in the country, in all classes of Insurance and with exclusive motor insurance products, as a specialist in representing insurance companies operating under the Freedom of Services.

The significant experience gained over the years with a record of servicing up to 300.000 clients on an annual basis, allowed us to create a Group of companies in Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom and the U.S.A.,to develop business accounts from international clients, for tax efficiency or to operate as providers of services that include Underwriting, Accounting and collection of premiums as well as 24/7
Claims Management, Software and Telematics.

This strategic partnership will include JVs in other European Countries, with the synergy of the strategic partner of EuroProtection
Brokers S.A.

ΕuroProtection not only holds a leading position in the insurance industry, but in practice proves its support for initiatives to offer to society as a whole by cooperating in corporate social responsibility actions, with its leading participation as a supporting Member in the “Thyateira Association International Association “, in which Mr. Papayannopoulos holds the honorary position of Founding President.